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Architect of the Legacy

Founded in 2010, our concept has always remained the same; creating a premium leather bag that is functional while maintaining that classic look. By using only the finest materials from around the globe and handcrafting each piece with love & passion, we are confident you will enjoy a lifetime of using our products.

As you use your bags, over time you will notice the changes to the color of the leather as it is exposed to different elements in life during your daily routine. A small scratch here and there only adds a character to the bag that will become your lifetime companion.


“Be Your Legacy”

Concept of Legacy

Instead of shape, functions, type, or even leather, I started this collection by asking “who”. Who is this bag for? Who is he? What is he like? What does he believe? Once I identified him, then I started thinking about the bag.

Schematic of Legacy

Every inch, angle, hardware, leather, color… all aspects have been questioned and thought out in our collection. Once you see & test our products, you will appreciate the amount of love & efforts we put forth.

Specification of Legacy

We take your legacy seriously. We source only the best around the globe and if there is a better component or material. Trust me, we will find it and it will be implemented.

Construction of Legacy

It has been our practice for past 7 years and this is the only way we make our products. Handcraft each product with passion and love and this approach will continue forever.

Inspection of Legacy

When you choose Sandast over other designer bags, we know it is because you trust our quality. Therefore, we hand inspect each product before we send it out.

Lifetime Warranty

Simply stated; all of our products carry a lifetime warranty on all materials and manufacturing. Just as a long time family doctor, We will also provide repairs to reasonable wear and tear of the leather for the life of our products.

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