"Handmade with Passion and Soul."

  • Dedication to Quality!

    Ever since Sandast was found, we have constantly dedicated ourselves to upgrade the quality of our products.  We believe the Quality is determined by 2 phases;  our workers & materials we use.   So I go all around the globe to hand pick the best materials possible. SolidBrass:  All buckles, D-rings, Dogleash Hook used in …

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  • Sandast denim Apron

    Apron – Why did I not think of this???

    One customer asked me the other day, "Chris, how do you wash your Apron?" and my answer to him was that you do not. I could not imagine putting the apron into a washing machine and ruin the leather. At the same time, I have been using this Apron for about an year and being [...] More  →
  • M&K Yokoya

    After 2 failed attempts with my Italian hardware supplier, this time I went to Tokyo, Japan t to develop the lock for "Theodore" collection. I've known this company for about 3 years and their price kept me away for a while. First, it was this rare finish slider that caught my eyes so I bought [...] More  →
  • “Theodore” Update.

    He is causing a lot of headaches. Everything is ready; leather, pattern, concept, and etc... except for the main lock. Theodore collection will have Theodore tote, Theodore backpack, and Theodore business bag. Now come to think of it, "Theodore" collection is still a few years away from being complete as its travel bag will compromise [...] More  →
  • Wickett & Craig

    Prior to introducing our new collection, I had to visit Wickett & Craig whose leather is a new addition to Sandast family. I typically do not travel in a month of Jan and a rural Pennsylvania would be the last place I would’ve thought of traveling to. Not to disappoint, this trip turned out to [...] More  →
  • Tuscany & Firenze

    I am extremely glad that I had taken this trip. Not only I was able to achieve what I wanted and more, but more importantly, the fact that I had finally visited Tuscany & Firenze and it changed my perspective of Italy entirely. My first visit to Italy was about 10 years ago and since [...] More  →
  • Tuscany, Italy -MB Pellami

    Walking the streets of London and thinking about the collection, I had this visual tone of Cobblestone color I wanted and have been searching for the leather that can enable me to express it. I thought I got lucky and found it. When I finally received the sample, the color and the tone were perfect, [...] More  →
  • Tuscany, Italy – Texas Conceria

    Leather distressing on “Vegetable Tanned Full Grain Leather” has been the core distinction & uniqueness in Sandast’s collection from the beginning. Therefore, as you can imagine, I have seen many types and kinds from tanneries all over the world. I vividly remember the moment I stumbled upon Texas Conceria and touched “Houston”, I was oblivious [...] More  →
  • Varese & Northern Italy

    I thought I had done enough traveling for 2016 and I did my best to avoid traveling to Italy again this year. However, with the holidays approaching and my supplier scheduled to close for 3 weeks, I was already searching for the cheapest tickets to Italy. Varese is a city located in the northern province [...] More  →
  • Sedona, Arizona

    From the moment I decided to re-do the entire collection, it felt like a race for the past 3 months. I needed a small break. Somehow, I stumbled into Sedona, Arizona and I knew this was the place I wanted to visit. Probably because of the excitement, I woke up at 2 am on Friday [...] More  →
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