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Gregory Collection by Sandast

by Sandast

Inspiration & Concept

The Gregory collection’s inspiration comes from Mid-Western values; Humility & Discipline, most notably the city of Chicago. The shape, hardware and materials I’ve used are my own interpretation or expression of these inspirations.

Who is Gregory?

Gregory is one who understands humility goes a long way while staying true to one’s self.

Born and raised in the MidWest, he’s taught to “never give up” when faced with adversity.

Although his outlook may suggest simplicity and practicality, he is a spark ready to burn bright with grand aspirations.

Leather & Colors

Leather from Tuscany Italy

Leather distressing on “Vegetable Tanned Full Grain Leather” has been the core distinction & uniqueness in Sandast’s collection from the beginning. Therefore, as you can imagine, I have seen many types and kinds from tanneries all over the world. I vividly remember the moment I stumbled upon Conceria Texas and touched “Houston”, I was oblivious and lost for words at its beauty. This may be the most beautiful & perfected vegetable Tanned full grain leather and I do say it with a full conviction.

Sandast Leather Tan

Color Tan

This color implies & represents an underlined meaning of “Humility” which I believe is synonymous to “Wisdom”.

Sandast Leather Navy

Color Navy

This color implies “Discipline” which means doing the best and keep trying.


Sandast Canvas
  • Finest and most durable waxed canvas carefully selected for Gregory collection.
  • 100% 2-ply Cotton. 15 oz./sqyd. 460 GSM.
  • Water Repellent.
  • Made in U.S.A.


Sandast hardware Buckle


Solid brass imported from France.

Sandast Hardware Rivet


Solid brass imported from India.

Sandast Slider Snap

Slider & Snap

Slider from Japan / Snap Magnet from Italy.

Sandast Hardware Zipper

Riri Zipper

Imported from Swiss.

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