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Ritz Carlton Pop-Up Shop

Sandast will be featuring a secret batch of collector items at the Ritz Carlton in DTLA from Aug. 25th. Don't miss out on exclusive Sandast apparel.


  Ever since Sandast was found, we have constantly dedicated ourselves to upgrade the quality of our products.  We believe the Quality is determined by 2 phases;  our workers & materials we use.   So I go all around the globe to hand pick the best materials possible. SolidBrass:  All buckles, D-rings, Dogleash Hook used …


The Apron

Sandast Denim Apron
One customer asked me the other day, "Chris, how do you wash your Apron?" and my answer to him was that you do not. I could not imagine putting the apron into a washing machine and ruin the leather. At the same time, I have been using this Apron for about an year and being [...]

Journey to Japan

After 2 failed attempts with my Italian hardware supplier, this time I went to Tokyo, Japan t to develop the lock for "Theodore" collection. I've known this company for about 3 years and their price kept me away for a while. First, it was this rare finish slider that caught my eyes so I bought [...]
He is causing a lot of headaches. Everything is ready; leather, pattern, concept, and etc... except for the main lock. Theodore collection will have Theodore tote, Theodore backpack, and Theodore business bag. Now come to think of it, "Theodore" collection is still a few years away from being complete as its travel bag will compromise [...]

Wickett & Craig

Prior to introducing our new collection, I had to visit Wickett & Craig whose leather is a new addition to Sandast family. I typically do not travel in a month of Jan and a rural Pennsylvania would be the last place I would’ve thought of traveling to. Not to disappoint, this trip turned out to [...]

Tuscany & Firenze

I am extremely glad that I had taken this trip. Not only I was able to achieve what I wanted and more, but more importantly, the fact that I had finally visited Tuscany & Firenze and it changed my perspective of Italy entirely. My first visit to Italy was about 10 years ago and since [...]

Tuscany, Italy -MB Pellami

Walking the streets of London and thinking about the collection, I had this visual tone of Cobblestone color I wanted and have been searching for the leather that can enable me to express it. I thought I got lucky and found it. When I finally received the sample, the color and the tone were perfect, [...]
Leather distressing on “Vegetable Tanned Full Grain Leather” has been the core distinction & uniqueness in Sandast’s collection from the beginning. Therefore, as you can imagine, I have seen many types and kinds from tanneries all over the world. I vividly remember the moment I stumbled upon Texas Conceria and touched “Houston”, I was oblivious [...]

Varese & Northern Italy

I thought I had done enough traveling for 2016 and I did my best to avoid traveling to Italy again this year. However, with the holidays approaching and my supplier scheduled to close for 3 weeks, I was already searching for the cheapest tickets to Italy. Varese is a city located in the northern province [...]
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